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You want David and Goliath Tees? We got ‘em!

Every day at Channel Shirt, while tirelessly scouring the web for funny t-shirts, we also manage to keep an eye on what funny tees you, our dear users, are searching for. Using the latest and greatest internet technologies and the amazing powers of our fascinating brains, Dave and I have discovered that what you really, really want are David and Goliath t-shirts. And you know what? Because we love you so very much, we got them for you. You’re welcome.

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This funny t-shirt made me laugh today: Peter Parkour

Funny tshirt - Urban running with Spiderman, aka Peter Parkour!Yes, I still laugh at funny t-shirts

When updating the Channel Shirt t-shirt store, I see a lot of funny t-shirts. I mean, finding the best and funniest tees on the internet and putting them all in one place is the whole reason Dave and I started Channel Shirt in the first place. But, occasionally, a t-shirt strikes me as particularly funny and I actually, literally LOL.  This Spiderman t-shirt is one of those shirts.

Why? Is it my general love of absurdity? Is it the genius of matching a mismatching action and intent? I have no idea. But I laughed, and, when it comes to funny t-shirts, that’s all that matters.

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Urban running Spiderman is not just for funny t-shirts

Apparently, I’m not the only one who finds the idea of Spiderman (aka Peter Parker) extreme running through the urban jungle to be funny. Here are a couple more, non t-shirt examples of Spidey as his alter-ego, Peter Parkour:

Peter Parkour memePeter Parkour FAIL

Want your very own Spiderman – Peter Parkour funny t-shirt?

Whether this funny tee makes you LOL, or you just need a cool Spiderman tshirt to wear to the upcoming Spiderman movie, Channel Shirt has you covered. Simply click your mouse-finger on the following link and buy the Peter Parkour t-shirt.  Enjoy!

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BustedTees - $12.99 Sale
Admit it: You love Busted Tees funny t-shirts as much as we do. You’ve been lusting after at least one of their cool t-shirt designs for a while now, but you’ve been waiting for a good deal. Right?

Well, wait no more, bargain hunter! The fine folks at Busted Tees have put every one of their funny t-shirts on sale for $12.99. And let me tell ya, funny t-shirts don’t get much cheaper than that!

There is a catch though: they’re only on sale for one week! That means, if you want a funny t-shirt from Busted Tees for around $8 less than you’d normally pay, you better hurry!

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New Snorg Tees and 50% off Hot Topic this weekend!

Have you seen this week’s new Snorg Tees?


Quotes from the classic geek fantasy masterpiece, The Princess Bride, are always sure to bring a smile.  This cute 80′s-inspired 8-bit design demonstrates Vizzini the Sicilian’s famous two “classic blunders.”  “Never get involved in a land war in Asia.”  (Especially if you play Risk!) and “Never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line.”  Of course, who got the last laugh in that exchange?  Oh, wait. Any computer geek old enough to remember the 80′s also remembers having to store data on 5 1/4″ floppy disks, 1.44 Mb not-so-floppy diskettes, and the short-lived yet quite awesome 100 MB Zip Disks.  This throwback t-shirt design represents a different, more innocent time.  A time when we used a hole punch to make a disk double sided.  A time when we didn’t have cell phones.  A time before CDs and flash drives.  A time that is about to beat the crap out of the future. A classic pun.  And, inherently funny toast.  Wait, this white bread totally burning the toast isn’t racist, is it?  Nah, color doesn’t matter when it comes to a total burn.

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Hot Topic 50% off sale

Our friends over at Hot Topic every now and then have a clearance sale, where you can buy one and get another item FREE!

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Augmented Reality T-Shirts

Channel John and I are huge technogeeks, and one of our collective passions is augmented reality. I can’t wait for Terminator-style computerized heads up display on my glasses, both informing me about and assessing the people and objects I’m looking at.

In the meantime (until that becomes a reality for me… which I believe won’t be long now), there are lots of new and awesome developments in augmented reality. For some incredible videos just search it on YouTube.

“What are you getting at, Designing Dave? How does this relate to T-Shirts?” you ask.

Today, I saw this awesome augmented reality t-shirt on sale from a guy in Germany.

Sadly, it doesn’t show cartoons when you’re out on the street. It only works when viewed through a webcam. So, great for chatroulette, or perhaps your company teleconference. But, won’t mean much when you’re in line at the DMV. But, still. Awesome concept, and cool execution.

You can see more about them at www.ar-tees.com.

And, no, sadly, ChannelShirt doesn’t carry them… yet.

Designing Dave

Funny T Shirts Bring People Together

One of ChannelShirt’s closest friends and biggest fans told us an inspiring story yesterday.

She had lost contact with a very close friend from high school shortly after they graduated. It’s been close to 20 years since then, and she had written that relationship off. In the intervening years, despite the MySpace and Facebook phenomena, she still had not been able to reconnect with him. (Of course, she sets her profile to private, so, it’s not easy to find her.)

Yesterday, she gets an e-mail from him, out of the blue. He now lives in a completely different state. And, when she asked how he found her, here was his answer:

I was walking down the street in my town (in a different state), and I saw this guy wearing a funny t shirt. I went up to him and asked him where he got it. He said, this place on the web called Channelshirt. So, I went home, and Googled Channelshirt, and found their site. While reading up on them, I also found their Facebook Fan Page. And, lo and behold, you are one of their fans. That’s how I found your profile.

This just goes to show: It doesn’t matter what state you live in, or how long it’s been since you’ve seen someone, Funny T Shirts bring people together!

We love stories like this! Don’t hesitate to share with us if you have one of your own!

Meanwhile, feel free to become a friend or fan on our Funny T-Shirts Facebook page!



The A-Team and Cultural Icons

As June nears, and with it, the opening of the new A-Team movie, i have to wonder about how these movie remakes of retro classics are going to affect the icons that represent these classics.

Wow, a mouthful!

Let me rephrase.

Are all the B.A. Baracus t-shirts out there going to start having Rampage on them, instead of Mr. T? Will Dirk Benedict fade into anonymity as Bradley Cooper becomes the new “Face” for the A-Team?

The A-Team

I’ve wondered this before with other remakes. We’ve seen just about every good American TV show re-envisioned and re-made into a movie recently. All the classics from my youth, anyway. Dukes of Hazard, Starsky & Hutch, Get Smart. Heck, even Transformers.

However, for all these other remakes, the icons tended to be items, not people. At least in the t-shirt world. Few people want to wear a shirt with Bo and Luke Duke on it. But, the General Lee, heck ya! Same with Starsky’s car. Same with Optimus Prime.

And, sure, the A-Team has their trademark black van. But, Mr. T is a different story. He’s an icon. His image depicted A-Team tshirts and memorabilia far more than any other logo, including the A-Team bullethole-laden logo.
Will this change?

I would think that 4 and a half years of devoted work to build up the classic TV series would over-ride one movie’s worth of hype. But, who knows the power of Hollywood’s promotional budget?

Here at Channel Shirt, the A-Team t-shirts have been some of our best-selling TV shirts, long before the movie was announced. Mr. T continues to be a hot item even 25 years after his fame in the show. So, I’m curious to see…. in June, will we be selling Mr. T Shirts or Rampage shirts?


ChannelShirt has ThinkGeek!

Hi, all!

I’m happy to announce that ChannelShirt now carries ThinkGeek‘s line of funny tshirts!

Being a computer nerd, I’ve always loved ThinkGeek. They have some of the coolest gadgets, t-shirts, and fun things you can buy on the internet. As a matter of fact, I think the very first funny tshirt I ever purchased myself was from ThinkGeek. I still wear it to this day.

I’m especially enthralled with some of their electronic shirts. These are for the hardcore geek!

Interactive T-Shirts banner

Anyway, if you’re looking to re-connect with your inner geek, take a look through our large selection of ThinkGeek shirts, in addition to all of our other funny tshirts. You can find the ThinkGeek ones by either searching for “ThinkGeek” at the top of the ChannelShirt Store page, or by going to our “All Geek Shirts” channel in our left channel guide.


Designing Dave

When Vintage Tshirts Aren’t So Vintage

If you’re a collector of vintage tshirts, you’ve no doubt noticed how the near-gravitational forces of advertising and marketing can twist and warp the very English language itself. While it may not matter when choosing between a barbeque sauce with a “bold new flavor” and one with a “hot new taste,” a slight difference in language can make a huge difference when adding to your vintage tshirt collection. In fact, knowing the subtle difference between two simple words can save you from making a very big but very common mistake.

The word “vintage,” for example, is supposed to refer to something that was actually created in the past, such as a wine of a particular vintage. Or a vintage 1948 Cadillac Sedanette. Or even those Guns N Roses t shirts that have been hanging in your closet since 1988.

“Retro,” on the other hand, refers to something that is made today but is reminiscent of a previous style. Retro is basically a copy or impression of something vintage, but is not actually vintage itself. Newly manufactured Hammer pants are retro. Sideburns are retro. Neon-colored leg warmers are retro. Unfortunate, but retro.

To put it more simply, if you go to a thrift store and buy some 80s tees that have been well-loved, those are vintage. If you go to Hot Topic and buy a new black tshirt with a Thundercats logo on it, that’s retro.

Simple, right? So why so much confusion? Well, part of the problem is that, to many young people, “vintage” and “retro” are both just categories of “old.” Is that vintage Star Wars tee cool because the shirt is old, or because Star Wars is old? Are those vintage concert t shirts cool because they came from the actual concert, or because the bands are retro trendy? A high school kid probably doesn’t care and makes no distinction between the two.

Another part of the problem is marketing. Retro tshirts are all the rage right now. The logos and designs of popular things of the past have become hugely popular again. In fact, they’ve become so popular that many t shirt designers haven’t stopped at just using a Transformers, Pepsi, or Rolling Stones logo, they’ve gone so far as to manufacture the t shirts in a way that makes them look previously worn, well-loved, and quite distressed. The result is retro tshirts that look like authentic vintage tshirts but aren’t.

So, what’s a poor collector of vintage tees to do? Well, you can make sure to know the difference between “vintage” and “retro.” You can make sure to read product descriptions carefully, looking for phrases like “licensed t shirts,” which suggest that the rights to the design were purchased but the shirt itself was probably printed recently. And, when in doubt, you can always contact the t shirt shop and ask them directly if their shirts are retro or truly vintage.

Of course, if you’re not a collector or a purist, none of this probably matters to you. Who, other than a collector really wants to buy a 21-year old t-shirt? I mean, unlike a vintage car, some things aren’t really designed to be used 20 years later. Particularly clothes. And, super particularly, inexpensive t-shirts. Maybe a retro tee really is the best of both worlds.

Or maybe I’m just being nostalgic. Some part of me wishes the term “vintage” would only be correctly applied to my trips to purchase old vinyl records and 80s t shirts, and not be used to push the “anything old-looking is cool” fad. I guess I’m just old.

Wait, does that make me cool?


The longevity of humor (on t-shirts)

I’ve ranted about fads before. Well, I’m going to rant again. Not badly this time. I’m more contemplative today, and less annoyed. =)

I was watching a TV news clip about the “This is a Big F*ing deal” shirt/joke which has swept the nation last week.

It was a midly amusing faux pas by our Vice President, and as presidential / political humor goes, it was worth a chuckle when it happened.

However, this news bit was showing people who were so excited because within three minutes of VP Biden making his on-air mistake, there were t-shirts made and available on the internet with his comment blazoned across them.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I appreciate funny t-shirts being made, and especially being made quickly for a timely event. What I wonder about is the ongoing wearability of time-sensitive political jokes.

I expect that the “This is a Big F*ing Deal” shirt will be mildly amusing for a few more months. By the end of the year, when people see the t-shirt they’ll be like, “Oh, yeah! I remember that.” By next year, the shirt won’t be funny anymore. It might have a resurgence in 2012 when re-elections are in the air. But, after that, you’ll have to explain the joke to people. That doesn’t make for an ongoingly funny shirt.

In contrast, take a shirt that has timeless humor. Like
I'd Hit That or

The pen is writier than the sword or

Free Tibet

These t-shrits are funny, but with timeless jokes. Ones that will outlast any single year or presidency. Sure Tibet might be free someday, but even if it is liberated, the shirt would still be funny.

Now, I’m not knocking the Big Deal shirt. It is funny, and I approve of all humor. I’m just noting that when you’re planning to purchase a funny t-shrit for yourself, are you looking for the quick laugh which will turn into a painting-the-house t-shirt next year, or one that will garner you giggles for life?


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