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(youre It) - Kids

  • (youre It) - Kids
    (youre It) - Kids
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    Tag: You're It There are so many possible element and attribute combinations in HTML, here's one you may have overlooked: the tag "you're it". It conforms to International Standard ISO 8879 and often also particular house rules. You apply it to the body section of the document. Applying it to the head can lead to undesirable results, such as poked eyeballs or even possible concussion. Although it's universally understood, we hear it's deprecated in certain elementary schools now because of the inherent danger. (Don't ask us. We just share these things with you.) We have only one thing to say to those administrators: you're it. HA! (you're it) printed in white on a black, 100% cotton kids' t-shirt. If you're the only one around with this shirt on, you automatically win.
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